How do I book an aircraft?

Booking an aircraft is really simple, you call the Execair number 0845 257 2124 or  0775 332 7733 (available 24 hours per day) and tell us where you want to go and when. Website visitors also have the option to email enquiries to

How will I know what type of aircraft I need for the flight?

Once you have advised us of your itinerary, and the number of passengers travelling we will gather quotations on suitable aircraft to pass onto you (normally giving you a choice of at least three).

How will I know which aircraft option is best for me?

To aid you in your decision we will email you, pictures of the aircraft offered with the seating configuration charts, and anything else that will make your decision easier i.e. the year of manufacture, last interior refurbishment, in-flight services etc.

What will happen when I confirm the flight?

When you confirm the flight you will be sent by email or fax a confirmation document which will give full details of the aircraft, the crew and contact numbers. It will also advise you of where to report to on arrival at your departure airfield and include payment details.

What happens if my itinerary changes?

Should your itinerary change and you wish to depart earlier or later than your scheduled times or add/subtract passengers, then one call to Execair will take care of it.

What does this service cost me?

Nothing. Aviation industry standard commission ensure that Execair has no axe to grind in the selection of your aircraft – and that our revenue comes from the selected company, not from your pocket.

Will there be refreshments served on board?

When you book your aircraft you will be asked for any specific catering and in-flight requirements that you may have. You will then be provided with a menu from which to make your selection from and if there is nothing suitable or you have a specific menu in mind then you simply tell us what you would like and we will endeavour to provide this to you.

What do I do when I arrive at the departure airfield?

The confirmation, which you will receive when you book the aircraft, will have all of your joining instructions detailed. Of course each airfield is different – but the general rule is that you arrive at the airport up to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. You will have been given full details of where to report to including maps, telephone numbers etc. Remember Execair can organise the car or helicopter, which takes you to your aircraft!

What happens when the aircraft arrives at the arrival airfield?

When you arrive at your destination the aircraft will be met by a handling agent who will drive the passengers and their luggage to the terminal building, where they can meet with their onward transportation. Remember Execair can organise the car or helicopter, which takes you to your accommodation or conference venue!

Why should I use Execair?

The reasons why you should use Execair are numerous, we can give to you all of the benefits associated with owning your own private aircraft – at a fraction of the cost!!!

  • You can fly whenever you want to wherever you wish, with the flexibility to change your itinerary in accordance with your plans.
  • You choose the people with whom you travel, increasing your security.
  • You can arrive at your aircraft 20 minutes prior to departure.
  • You are not committed to only one type of aircraft.
  • You do not require committing to minimum100 hour contracts.
  • You have the freedom to call Execair as and when you have a requirement.
  • You receive the best aircraft at the best price each and every time.
  • Access to aircraft from around the globe after just one phone call.
  • Your in-flight services are carefully prepared in accordance with your specific requirements.
  • Execair can organise your entire travel itinerary, booking cars, limos, helicopters or hotel accommodation on your behalf.